Menu Hero

Search Engine Optimization

MENU HERO® makes sure you’re on top - with built-in SEO best practices.

  • Fast-loading & search engine friendly that increases visibility
  • Responsive restaurant website that ranks higher
  • White Hat SEO Services
Social media
Google Ads Marketing

Brand Loyalty

Our marketing platform helps restaurants create a robust online persona that will increase brand awareness.

  • Unified messaging on your website, menu, and review responses.
  • Attract first-time guests and turn them into regulars
  • Delight customers with special offers and coupons


Collect insights from our simplified analytics reports

  • Measure your performance using clear and transparent reporting tools
  • Understand more about your guest’s experience
  • Turn analytical data into actionable goals
Email Campaigns
SMS Marketing

Reputation Management System

Respond to every review without lifting a finger.

  • Across all major platforms, including Google, Yelp, and Trip Advisor
  • View all of your online reviews in one easy-to-use dashboard
  • Our reputation managers craft unique responses
Learn how MENU HERO® can reduce your online marketing costs and elevate your online presence.